Washington Park

Website Link: Washington Park

This place has a lot – The Rose Garden, Japanese Garden, Hoyt Arboretum, World Forest y Center, Children’s Museum, Holocaust Memorial, Oregon Vietnam Veterans Memorial, walking trails, statues, fountains, picnic tables, a playground, amphitheater, tennis courts, archery range, soccer field, maybe a parking space and some times even an open bathroom. Just kidding on that last one it seems like they are always closed for some reason.

This was one our pioneer forefathers ideas they got right. Someone way back when had the idea of buying up a good size parcel of logged off land at the edge of the city for a future park. One of the best decision every made. Today it cover more then 410 acres in the west hills. It holds many of the best attractions in Portland. Summer time they even run a shuttle but to get you between all of them. And of course now have a new master plan to make it even better and cost the tax payer a bundle. So please visit the place and have fun so we know we are not wasting our tax dollars.