Vancouver Waterfront Park

a new page about the new waterfront park in Vancouver

After years of talking about it, and delaying on it, Vancouver Washington finally has been delivering on their waterfront redevelopment and it was worth the wait. The Vancouver Waterfront Park is a game changer to revitalize downtown Vancouver. Portland may have to stop thinking of Vancouver as just being the conservative bedroom community across the river and start to consider twin city status. For anyone visiting the Portland metropolitan area Vancouver Waterfront Park may be a new must see when visiting.

As of this writing the whole district is still under development but the park itself is done. The park has a west and east section with the big attraction features of the Grant St. Pier and the Columbia River Watershed Fountain in the middle. The park is tieing in with new restaraunts and soon new hotels and of course the whole river experience. It also connects in with other attraction near by like Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, the Vancouver Land Bridge, the Remembrance Wall and Esther Short Park.

Staying with the old saying “ picture is worth a thousand words” below I will visual step you through what you can expect to see at the new park.

The New Park and Development

Unlike Portland’s Waterfront Park that evolved over many years the Vancouver Waterfront Park is newly designed to incorporate all that has been learn form water development parks. The design pack a lot into 7.1 acres and harmonizes with the commercial redevelopment of the area.

East Side

Columbia River Watershed Fountain

Grant St. Pier

West Side