Vancouver, Washington Walk

Fort Vancouver, Columbia River, downtown Vancouver and Academy walk.

This walk start with a visit to Fort Vancouver. It journeys through the grounds of the Historic Reserve and then over the confluence land bridge to reach the Columbia River. From here the walk takes you over to the new viewing platform that just opened Vancouver Waterfront Park. Then  routes through Esther Short Park and downtown Vancouver to the Academy.  From here back to Fort Vancouver and the ends at Pearson Air Museum. Details of the walk after the photos.

Vancouver Walk


What you will see on this walk: Fort Vancouver including the Visitor Center, Evergreen Arboretum, Officers Row, the Marshall House, the Grant House, Douglas House, Vancouver Barracks Pearson Air Museum, the base Hospital, the USO Club, Hudson Bay Company Fort Vancouver, the Village, Pearson Air Museum. Also the Convergence Land Bridge, the Old Apple Tree, the Columbia River, Captain George Vancouver Monument, the new Vancouver Waterfront Park and viewing platform, the Veterans of Foreign Wars Memorial Plaza and Murals, Esther Short Park (on Saturday also the Farmers Market), part of downtown Vancouver, the Academy

Detail on the route:

Walking Route to see Fort Vancouver and downtown Vancouver. This is a general guideline but feel free to get off the route and explore. The green and orange routes cover just the Fort Vancouver Historic Site. The Purple route take you into downtown Vancouver.