Vancouver/Fort Vancouver

Fort Vancouver is where settlement of the Oregon Country began and was the center of western civilization for many Years. Once Hudson Bay Company left or forced out by the US Military, depending on who is writing the history book, the town of Vancouver was incorporated. When I started visiting clients in downtown Vancouver in the 80’s it was a rundown mill town but the past decade Vancouver has been over hauling its downtown. It is now showing some real transformation. They now have a number of old and new attractions to see in the old downtown area. The US Army has now turned over all of the old Vancouver Barracks to the City of Vancouver or the National Park service and they have just finish extensive rehab of the buildings. And the new Waterfront Park development is a real game changer. A lot to see in a small area.

HBC Fort Vancouver & Officers Row, Vancouver Barracks, Pearson Air Museum, Vancouver Land Bridge

Vancouver Waterfront Park

They have done a nice job with the new Waterfront Park.

Vancouver Walk – includes the above and Memorial Wall, Farmers Market, The Academy, Glass Blowing, Restaurants, Map