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Portland Street Murals

Portland Street Art Loop – 3.5 Miles

You can park almost anywhere for this excursion, but the list below follows a sequence that begins with Hair of the Dog Brewing. On the north wall is a huge tiger, Ernesto Maranje’s Guardian, striding through a garden of messages preceded by a fluttering bird. From the tiger, continue north on a convoluted clockwise loop that takes in more than 50 examples of street art. Here is some of the wall art to check out (as of early 2018; displays may change or be painted over in time!):

  • 2nd & Belmont: Magic snail by NoseGo; giant eagles by Yatika Fields
  • MLK & Morrison: River of Time by Celeste Byers & Aaron Glasson (on River City Bicycles)
  • MLK & Stark: Mural by Joram Roukes, a Dutch artist
  • 2nd & Stark: Greek urns by Guams, Humen & Clamo; around the corner is a large piece by Kango, Joins, giver, and other artists (on the Alexis warehouse)
  • 3rd & Oak: Ice cream! at Ice Cream Express
  • 2nd & Ash: Sun by Souther
  • MLK & Pine: Icons by Michael Salter (on Miller Paint)
  • Grand & Oak: Andy & Bax store mural
  • Grand & Ash: Woman and bird by Jade Rivera, a Peruvian artist; Nothing Good Comes Easy by Ola Volo & Zach Yarrington
  • 8th & Ash: sunflowers by José Solis
  • 8th & Ankeny: Mural on KBOO Community Radio
  • Sandy & Ash: Let Go!
  • 11th & Ash: Questions for Humans by Gary Hirsch
  • 12th & Ankeny: It’s Lillard Time by Aaron Chapman & Andrea Glaser (on a garage door); Claire by Skye Walker (the Brim Apartments)
  • 13th & Ankeny: Boy and tiger by Andrew Hem
  • 9th & Sandy: Large mural by Seher One; night ship by J. Shea & Yoskay Yamamoto
  • 10th & Oak: Gear mural at Base Camp Brewing
  • 10th & Oak: Wall art
  • 11th & Oak: Goats, OR-7, etc. by David Rice & Blaine Fontana; tentacled man by David Rice & Blaine Fontana
  • 11th & Stark: Snake by Spencer Keeton Cunningham; big green smile by Yoshi47
  • 10th & Stark: Kalief Browder memorial; Yo yo by Nina Chanel Abney; 3D wall art by Meredith Ditmar (on the ANX Gallery)
  • 9th & Stark: Hummingbird by Apeseven & PlasticBirdie; collaborative mural by Jack Graydon, Kanga, Derek Yost, Toiletsnake, etc.
  • 9th between Stark & Washington: Wall art by various artists
  • 11th & Alder: Birds by Klutch (opposite the old Carnegie library); cat mural above
  • 14th & Alder: Cycles of by Shawna X; mural by Laura Berger
  • 13th & Morrison: The Collector rhinoceros mural by Josh Keyes (behind Zell’s)
  • 12th & Morrison: Buckman Community mural by Joe Cotter; moon squabble mural
  • 12th between Belmont and Yamhill: fence art at empty lot; ‘’Decolonize’’ by Derek Yost; on Taylor – Freedom Ship by Dominic Sigari
  • 10th & Taylor: Fox and birds by Apeseven; wall art by Dominic Sigari, Rupeezy, Klutch and others; Bird in the Hand by Apeseven; feathered bear and owl; ABZs by Derek Yost
  • 8th & Taylor: Hey! You’re Part of It by David Rice & Zach Yarrington; opposite is a cubist-type mural by Erik Marinovich
  • 9th & Main: Alley art
  • Grand & Madison: 2014 mural by J. Shea
  • Railroad tracks & Yamhill: Large mural by Ashley Montague & Joshua Mays