Vancouver Waterfront Park

I did a quick run over to the new Vancouver Waterfront Park that opened this last weekend. I wanted to get some photos of the new viewing platform for my Fort Vancouver walk. The park is still being worked on but should be complete and looking nice by Spring. For now you can make your way around the construction to get to the view platform and the two new restaurants. When completed this will make a nice extension of Vancouver water front trail.

The viewing platform maybe gives you a little better view of the Columbia River but more of just a nice addition to the park. There is also suppose to be fountain and other element coming. More eateries are to be opening soon and that will be nice.

With progress comes comes other changes. Vancouver is starting to have some of Portland parking problem. They have now added new street parking pay stations like Portland at a rate of $1.25 an hour. Formally one of the fun parts of going to Vancouver was it cost next to nothing to park there. The old coin meters gave you the first 20 minutes for free and I think it was only a quarter for a couple of hours of parking. Times do change and I guess some how they needed to pay for the new park. Right now there is plenty of street parking available but if this place gets popular parking will be a problem. I did not see any plans for parking garages.


Vancouver Walk Exploration

This past Sunday we had some great weather so I thought it would be a good time to do some exploring. I was trying to find the best and most interesting walk to tie in with visiting Fort Vancouver. I also had a few more photos of Fort Vancouver I need and a lot more video. I GPS tracked the whole route. The route I did ended being 8.5 miles. To long for a someone just visiting but I figured some of the route did not off that much bang for the effort and I think I have my recommend end route just about right.

The surprise on my walks was getting into the new waterfront development the city of Vancouver is doing. It is not open yet but someone left the gate open so I did a little sneak preview. This is going to be a game changer and I think in the future a must see for anyone coming to Vancouver. It will tie in nicely with walking from Fort Vancouver and seeing other parts of downtown Vancouver. I need to go back and get a GPS track of the modified route and make a map up to add to my visit Portland website.