In Search of a view

I spent some time today checking out three Portland view spots. What got me started on this is when I saw something about a place I had not heard of before, The Skidmore Bluffs. When I research it the Skidmore Bluffs turned out to be Mocks Crest that I last visited 25 years ago. Looks like  Portland newbees are putting new names on places.  But that did get me thinking about view points on the North side of Portland.

My quest is to find the best free public view point in Portland of downtow to recommend. So far having returned to several view points that were good 20 years ago I have found all except one has become over grown. So just possibly something up north might still be good. I went out and checked the view from the St. Johns Bridge, Mocks Crest and Overlook Park. I found they did give you a view but were either two far away or looking the wrong direction for a good view of downtown Portland. I have a few more place to check around town but so far the view from Pittock Maison remains the best.