Southeast Portland Water Front

The SE Water Front remains in transition all though a lot of change has already occurred. This was one of Portland’s old warehouse and industrial areas and much of that remains. As the artsy, crafty, entrepreneurials were priced out of the Pearl they started moving into this area. You also had a number of other businesses looking for cheaper rent move to this area as the old warehouse business moved out.  The cheaper land and renewal dollars pouring into this area has developed a number of attractions to see. It  is also an attractive hub to reach other places of interest that are close by.  This area is gentrifying but still in transition. All of the area is safe during the day but has a whole cast of charters that move in after business hours. I won’t take friends with kids into this area in the evening. Places and attractions you might find interesting:

East Bank Esplanade


Oregon Rail Heritage Center

Tillikan Crossing

This is our newest bridge. It is the first major bridge across the Willamette River this is not for cars. This bridge carries light rail, bike and foot traffic.


This area has what I think are more interesting and funky stores to visit.



Produce Road Cafe

Hub to:

Train ride to Oaks Park Amusement Park