South Park Blocks

The Park Blocks were to have been a green corridor running South to North through the expanding city of Portland. This was in the early days of the Portland when notable individuals own larger pieces of land in the growing city. They thought they have an agreement between all of the land owners but a few reigned on their promise so today with have the North and South Park blocks.

The South Park Blocks are just up from the heart of the city and is a transition zone from business to residential. It has now been surrounded by cultural venues like the Portland Art Museum, The Oregon History Museum, several historic church and several large theatrical venues. Portland State University, a public university, is at the south end of the park and at the other end is the elite 150 year old, old money Arlington Club. So the park covers quit a range.

The North end of the park is just a few blocks over from major shopping area and Pioneer Courthouse Square where you will find the cities tourist bureau. Attraction you can find here are:

Portland Art Museum

The museum has become very active in keeping its member engaged. They do more rotation of their collection and more special exhibits now to keep locals coming back.

Oregon Historical Society Museum

For a visitor and a new arrival to Portland you will be most interested in the third floor of the Museum. The floor was completely redone in 2019 and tells the history of Oregon.

Pioneer Courthouse Square

The square is really interesting when a event is going on otherwise it is a one square block of mostly bricks.

PSU Campus

Farmer Markets

And Statues, Food Carts, Theater, Shopping, restaurants