Saturday Market

Portland Saturday Market

Now a long standing institution in Portland it started out back in the 60’s with a bunch of counter culture folks (back then they were hippies) making art and craft items and coming together on Saturday under the Burnside Bridge to sell them. Thing were pretty crude back then. This all eventually got swept up in the whole nation wide arts and craft movement and the work has come a long ways. Some of these early folks eventually got really good and creative at what they did and moved on to sell in retail stores (of course most are retired now). Some stayed at the Market and new comers have join them. All items are required to be original hand made work. I know I have walked through the Market and have been amazed by the creativity and quality of craftsmanship there is today.

Several years back they booted them out from under the bridge but the city built a new area in Water Front Park for them. They now gather on Saturday and Sunday. If you are from an area that does not have a fine craft market I thinks you will enjoy strolling the rows of vendors and seeing items that you won’t find in retail stores. They always make space for new new vendors with new ideas on the fringe of the Market so creativity and what’s new still finds a home here.

Up from the Market there is a different group that gathers on weekends. Here you will find food vendors and resell items. There are also a number of street performers around. Together it makes for lot to see and experience. Of course if you walk up another block you will be at Voodoo Doughnuts and the Keep Portland Weird sign. So a lot to take in.