Portland Tours Ideas

Cluster Tours, Walking Tours, Theme Tours, and Driving Tours, I have prepared a variety of self guided tours that you might find useful in exploring and coming to know Portland and its surroundings. All are for the budget minded and none of them influenced by the Chamber of Commerce. These are places I would take my friends to when they come visit.

Portland Attractions Clusters

There are attractions and points of interest spread out all over Portland but there some spots in Portland where attraction cluster together.  I look at what you can find in these cluster sites and how they can be real time savers on your visit to Portland.

Walking Tours

These self guided tours are for those who are walkers or runners. You get some mileage and you get to see the sights of Portland up close and personal.

Theme Tours

These tours are based around a theme. These go into depth on areas that made Portland Portland. These may be more for folks who have moved to Portland and want to know why is Portland here or for those visit Portland often.

Driving Tours From Portland

If you are basing in Portland and want to explore beyond Portland here are some self guided driving tours you can do in a day.