Portland Tours

This is the material where my passion lays. In eastern philosophy they say truly know the nature of man a Confucius will travel far from his village but a Taoist can  study his home village deeply to find it. I have spent the last 60 year exploring Portland and Oregon to know it well. Now let me share with you.

This is also the material that is going to take a long time to put together. I hope these walks and tours will let you know Portland in depth. I will be slowly be adding to this page as I get walks and tours finished.


Many of the walks I look to have will be exploring different neighborhoods in Portland.

Downtown Water Front Loop

1) Water Front Park, Hawthorne Bridge, East Side Esplanade, Steel Bridge.

2) Water Front Ave, Tilliacon Crossing, East Side Trails, Steel Bridge

Balch Creek Canyon


NW 23rd
Mississippi Ave.
Alberta St.
East Side Murals
Fort Vancouver
Theme Tours

With these tours you can visit what made Portland. Many lead you out side of Portland to find the early history and economy that Portland depended upon. I am starting with a list and in time will fill in the details.


We were Already Here

The story of the indigenous people – The the land here was already occupied, Who was already here and how were they removed.

Lewis and Clark Expedition – The Corp of Discovery

One of the great journeys of discovery and part of it happened here.


Resource Extraction

When we were a British Company – The Fur Trade

The Hudson Bay Company came to make money on animal pellets and by accident started settling of the Oregon Country.

How It Began

The start of Settlements, Government and Statehood

Fishing For King Salmon

Dip nets to gill nets and canning to grilling. Fishing for Salmon and Fish hatcheries today.

When Timber was King

Early logging and logging Barons, to “getting the cut out,” to the two schools of forest management and other growing demands on our forest.

Land of Milk and Honey

Settlement and Farming, The appeal of Free land to farm, from family farm to family vineyards.

Rivers were Highways

Water Transportation – Steam boats, inland seaports, locks and barges, the waterways moved people and commerce

White was Might

White man rule and the struggle to hold on to power – exploitation, extermination, racism, and “never give an inch”


How We Began Again

It just wasn’t working any more. Extraction hit its limits, Old growth Forest give way to the Silicon Forest.

Keep it out of the Dump

The reuse and recycle movement, new business opportunities.

Portland Street Art

The writing is on the walls for Portlandia