Portland Attractions Clusters

There as some parts of Portland that just have more going on that is interesting then others. Planned or unplanned these clusters offer a visitor a lot to see and do when you have a limited amount of time. The following are cluster tours you might find interesting. During the summer there is a park bus that runs between many of the attractions.

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Cluster 1: Washington Park

This is a place where our forefathers got it right. Someone talk the city into buying what was viewed worthless land at the edge of the city back in the 1800’s and it has become a show piece for a number of attractions.

Gardens in the parkRose Garden, Japanese Garden, Hoyt Arboretum

RemembranceHolocaust Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Coming of White Man, Sacogowia, Lewis and Clark Memorial

Kids DayOregon Zoo, Forestry Center, Children Museum, Play Ground

Cluster 2: Downtown

Old Town and Water FrontWater Front Park, Saturday Market, Portland Maritime Museum, Mill End Park, Historic Store front walk, Ankeny Plaza, Portland Outdoor Store, Selfies, Food, Voodoo Doughnuts.

Cluster 3: South Park Block

Portland Art Museum, Oregon Historical Society Museum, PSU Campus, Farmer Market, Pioneer Courthouse Square, Food Carts, Theater, Shopping, restaurants

Cluster 4: Forest Park

This is a good walk with attractions to see and a chance to experience Forest

Balch Creek, Audubon Society, Pittock Manson

Cluster 5: South East Waterfront

East Bank Esplanade, OMSI, Oregon Rail Heritage, Tillikan Crossing, Tram, Train Ride, Oaks Park, shops, food

Cluster 6: Fort Vancouver

Fort Vancouver, Waterfront Park, Memorial Wall, Farmers Market, The Academy

Portland Neighborhood

Just walking and wondering one of our interesting Neighborhoods can be fun and give you a good feel for the people of Portland. These neighborhoods are center on retail, restaurant and entertainment streets. Each were run down at one time and have revitalize over the years. It first started with NW 23rd that showed it could be done and is more up scale now. Then Hawthorne took off and my friends from out of town say if feel like Berkeley. Then Mississippi Ave started with street fairs, then a music scene and has now had a lot of redevelopment. Alberta Street is still a work in progress. It is well know for its wild last Thursday street fair in the summer.

NW 23rd, Hawthorne, Mississippi Ave, Alberta Street,