Pearson Air Museum

The Pearson Air Museum (once known as the Jack Murdock Aviation Center) is located at Pearson Field and focuses on the period from 1905 through World War II, when Pearson Field was the site of a number aviation firsts. The Museum is within the Vancouver National Historic Reserve Historic District. The 23,500-square-foot museum features a pictorial history of Pearson Field and historic artifacts and aircraft. The black and yellow checkerboard roof was common at Army airfields during the “Golden Age of Flight”, when pilots often needed visual guides to a safe landing. The museum includes such planes as a 1912 Curtiss Pusher replica, a 1913 Voisin III (one of only three in the world), and a reconstructed DeHavilland DH-48 Liberty. The museum also includes the country’s second oldest wooden hangar, built in 1918 as part of the U.S. Army Spruce Division. The hanger has been used as an airplane hangar since 1921. It housed Italian prisoners of war during W.W.II.