Magness Memorial Tree Farm

As a follow up to my visit to the discovery museum I went for visit to the World Forestry Center demonstration forest. Magness Memorial Tree Farm is situated south west of Portland in the Chehalam Hills. It has several miles of trails passing through second growth forest and a built up area for hosting groups. As part of my “when timber was king” tours I was curious if this place would work in as part of that and if it might replace the Hopkins Demonstration forest. I walked most of the trails in the place to be sure I covered it all. It appears at one time to have signage by the trails to explain some point about the forest in that spot. Most of the signage is gone but the sign post remain. One trail did still have signage that spoke in general terms about the nature. I found today it is used by folks near by to walk their dogs or take a run. So pretty much like Forest Park. Looks like it’s initial purpose has been abandoned.