Long Day, Few Rewards

Today I set out to visit several places for my “we were already here” tour. I had high hopes but the reality we not up to expectation. My first stop was the Washington County Museum. They boast of having information on original native tribes. The problem was the museum is located on the campus of one of our community colleges and there was no parking to be found. So visiting on week days is out. They are open on Saturday so I may give them a try then. But this means visitor to Portland would only have that day to visit this place and that is not so good.

My next stops would involve revisiting the Grand Ronde Reservation area. It was not bad driving out there on my first visit with all of the other stops that we made but this time it was a long drive to get out there. That a minus for the area. I also found there was not much to see and little information. Fort Yamhill has just a few sign to read and the open fields would take a lot of imagination to see a fort here. The Museum for the Grand Ronde Federated Tribes was also very lacking. I have never been to a museum that had so little signage to tell you what things were and why they matter. The building was a great space and the staff was supper friendly and helpful but unless you had a guided tour the displays told you almost nothing. Both of these places had great potential just were not there yet. I can not add either of these place to my tour. Very disappointing day.