Getting Out of Portland

The best part about Portland Oregon is getting out of it.

Portland is located in the center of some of the best places for outdoor activities and sight seeing in the world. From Portland you are an hour drive to the ocean and beaches for walking, surfing, sea kayaking, sailing, tide pool exploring, claiming, crabbing, fishing, whale watch, storm watch, galleries, quaint shops and a romantic get away. You are also an hour drive away from the mountains and hiking, climbing, skiing, snowshowing, camping, paddling on a high mountain lake, hunting, fishing or just enjoying majestic scenic views. Close at hand is the Columbia River Gorge where you can swim, sail board, sea kayak, sail, take a cruise, white water rafting, sight seeing, camping, fishing, and exploring. A short drive north you can visit Mt. St. Helens where nature is still recovering from 1988 volcanic eruption. And in any of these outing there is a micro brew beer pub not far away.

Before getting into my picks of what to see when getting out of Portland let me give you a websites that I find as great resources.

Travel Oregon – This is Travel Oregon’s YouTube page. The key part is to did into the long list of videos and find “Grant’s Getaways.” This is a series produced for KGW TV over many years and are now available on YouTube. You will see Grant age over the years but material is still valid and it really tells the story of great places to see in Oregon. Enjoy – Here is a link to his programs on YouTube.

My Places of Interest

Fort Yamhill State Heritage Area

Not a lot here but it is one of the few places that speaks of early settlement and dealing the original inhabitants of the area.

Cathlapotle Plankhouse

Located on the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge is a replica Chinook style cedar plankhouse or longhouse. They tried to duplicate what Lewis and Clark would have seen when they visited Cathlapotle village. The plankhouse was used by many native tribes along the Columbia River and up through the NW Coast.