Food and Drink in Portland

I am not what you would call a “foodie.” I am more a beer snob. I have a whole website dedicated to that at Brewpubs PDX . But through the years I have gotten out to a few places. These may not be the momentary trendy spots but I have found them interesting and a good value.

The local newspaper (The Oregonian) has their idea on where to go. Here are links to some articles they have done.


Stepping Stone Café

Great Breakfast Spot. Couple of blocks up from NW 23rd. Plan on waiting for a table.

Montage Café

Even supper spot. Cajun Cooking.  You don’t wait for a table you wait for a chair at on of the long tables.

Sheridan Fruit Co.

A long time wholesale supplier to local restaurants has a small store front. Good for specialty food. They also have a deli section. A good place to pick up some item for a picnic along the Eastside Esplanade.

Produce Row Café

Perhaps the first of the new bread of pubs that started Portland brew pubs. The places close for several year but is back now with good food, good beer and good place to enjoy them.


A Roadside Attraction

The place is just funky. This is Portlandia weird.

Food Carts


Here are some places I have not been to for a number of years but they sure were good. Maybe doing the website will give me a reason to go visit again.

More Places

Here are a number of places I have been to and enjoyed but I have not been to for a while or have not gotten photos of yet

Horse Brass Pub – One of the originals when the three tier system ended. Old English style pub. I am glad it is not in my neighborhood as I would be here way to much.

Dan & Louis Oyster Bar – This is old Portland.

Rimsky-Korsakoffe House -Late night coffee hang out.

The Tao of Tea -Teas from around world served as in the country of origin.

Flying Pie Pizzeria – For me this is the best in Portland. They load on the toppings. I know a lot of people don’t like that. Fortunately there are many other pizza places in Portland.

Pine State Biscuits

Mothers Bestro

John St. Cafe – Beastro style cafe’ – everything made from scratch. Jamie and his wife started this place about 20 years ago. They no longer run it but it’s still as good as ever.

The Fishwife – Looks like a simple fish and chip shop but the chief does dinner specials with what is fresh that makes this place special.

Lemon Grass – They only take cash and they are that good that they can get away that. Thai food that she learned to cook from here mother back in Thailand.

Nicholas Restaurant -Lebanese food – Family owned.

Ken’s Artisan Pizza – They wanted true Italian style pizza so they brought big wood fired pizza oven over from Italy. Just plan on waiting in line to get in.

Papa Haydn – This is where my brother the CPA goes. Very nice place with brilliant deserts but out of my price range.

Huber’s Cafe – This is old Portland (since 1879). Why do they still serve turkey sandwichs in a fine restaurant, now that is story from the past.

Marrakesh Restaurant

Map of some eateries in Portland. Since donuts and ice cream have gotten to be a “thing” here in Portland I tried for a more complete listing on those (see the map).