Elk Point & Alpenrose Dairy

I set out early on Sunday morning to check out a couple of places. The first place was Elk Point Viewpoint. I am still trying to check out old viewpoint of the city and see if they are still good. Twenty years ago this was a good place to view the city. The Totem pole was also a selfie picture spot. Once again the trees have grown up and view is gone. There is also now a tree blocking what was the best selfie angle.

The second spot, Alpenrose Dairy,  I have heard about for years but I had never been there. I thought there Dairyville might be good place bring kids. This place once was a family owned dairy farm. Over time the cows went away, the dairy production was modernize, the land was turn into community use but it is still owned by the same family. Along with Dairyville they also have baseball diamonds, a go-cart track and the only Velodrome in the area. It turned out the day I visited they have a large cross country bike race going on. So this place is certainly used by the locals but not sure yet if it will work for visitors to Portland.