Doughnuts in Portland

For some reasons doughnuts or donuts have become a thing in Portland. This is one hip thing I missed and with the general healthy eating habits of Portland I am surprise.  I am even more surprise that much of the world knows about Portland having doughnuts. It my have started with VooDoo Doughnuts but it has gone way beyond that now. Here are the key players in the doughnut mania in Portland.

Voodoo Doughnuts

All of the simple doughnuts and coffee shops from back in the 50s are gone now along with the lunch counters. The new bread of doughnuts shops started with Voodoo Doughnuts. Their late hours, location in old town, weird doughnuts fit right in and helped fuel the Portland Cultural Creative Renaissance. Many not longer consider them the best doughnuts shop but they are now a Portland institution and the still make some weird doughnuts.

Blue Star Donuts

Original unique flavored donuts that many say are the best.

Coco Donuts

Pip’s Donuts

They bit size donuts and chia tea that many start their weekend mornings with.

Annie’s Donuts

Tonallis Donuts Shop

Back to Eden Cafe

Doe Donuts

Heavenly Donuts

Delicious Donuts – Replaced Dunken Donuts.

Rocking Frog Cafe

Made to order gourmet donuts.

2511 SE Belmont

Staccato Gelato

NOLA Doughnuts

Southern style doughnuts