Columbia River Gorge Driving Tours

I am working on getting this flashed out. I know the places to visit but I want to get current photos and see how this will work for a diving tour. I already see I will need to break this into a couple of different tours as there is more to see then you can do in one day.

About 32 mile on US 30 from Troutdale to Cascade Locks.

Map Showing what to see

About the place to see

Lewis and Clark State Recreation Site

Theme – Corp of Discovery, Indigenous People

This was a good idea at the time it built but has been neglected. For locals this park is used for a meeting place, a place to get access to the Sandy River on a hot and even a place a to rock climb on bolted routes. I call it to your attention for the trail that tells of the Corp of Discovery and indigenous people use of plants. It was a place to see identified plants that were used for food and medicine when Lewis and Clark passed this way. Unfortunately the plant have not been well tended so you now has some spots with signs but no plants.

Columbia River Hwy Exhibit (Troutdale)

Theme – Transportation

This exhibit briefly tells the story of the  highway to be build up the Columbia River Gorge. It happened the automobile was coming of age. It will be the historic and scenic road you will be driving on during this tour.

Portland Woman’s Forum State Scenic Viewpoint

Theme – Scenic Beauty, Settlement

The most often seen photos of the Columbia River Gorge is taken from the view point.

Vista House

Theme – Transportation, Scenic Beauty


Latrourell Falls

Theme – Scenic Beauty

Bridel Vail Falls State Scenic Viewpoint

Theme – Indigenous People, Scenic Beauty

Wahkeena Falls

Theme – Scenic Beauty

Multnomah Falls

Theme – Scenic Beauty, Transportation

Horse Tail Falls

Theme – Scenic Beauty

Wahclella Falls

Theme – Scenic Beauty

Bonneville Dam –

Bonneville Fish hatchery

Theme – fishing

Bonneville Locks Observation, transportation

Bradford Island Visitor Center

Theme – Fishing, Transportation,


Cascade Locks Museum

Theme- ?

Cascade Locks Marine Park

Theme – Transportation, Indigenous People

Flood Locks at Cascade Locks

Columbia Gorge Strenwheeler

Theme – Transportation