Clackamas Lake Historic Ranger Station

The Clackamas Lake Ranger Station was established back in 1905. The original cabin was occupied by the District Ranger and his assistant. In the 30’s the station was expanded by the CCC. A number of buildings still exist are from that time. The compound is still in seasonal use today by fire crews, trail and road crews.

The old District Ranger Cabin is now a summer rental and District Office Cabin is a visitor center in the summer. In 2003 the assistant ranger cabin was burn by an arson and all that remains is the chimney and foundation. The other 20 some buildings on the site make up the working part of the Ranger Station.

If you continue down the road from the ranger cabins you will be the old skyline highway today the Oregon Skyline Road. This road will lead all the way down to Olallie Lake and  the resort there. I remember a child on a camping trip the adults talking about a vision to run a road the length of the entire Cascade Range. This is the only section of that dream that I know of that was ever built.