Camp 18

Camp 18 is a restaurant and one of the best logging museum for artifacts around. We often try to plan our trips over to the coast with a stop for breakfast on the way over or dinner on the way home. But I love the collection of old logging artifacts and the large log cabin building. It is one of those locally own places that has become a local institutions. I have couple links below to pages that Camp 18 has about the place. I will tell my story, as always with photographs. But I have a feeling I need to hurry back and get a few more photos and breakfast soon.

History of Camp 18

Camp 18 Logging Museum


If you did not grow up in timber country this all my look like a bunch of unknown rusty junk that should be hauled away to the dump. I have placed below a video I found on YouTube by the Squamish Historical Society that does a pretty good job telling the historic story of logging on the west coast and shows how this artifacts were used.