Best of Times

For some in Portland I am sure they are seeing this virus lock down as the best of times. One of the slogan for Portland is, β€œit is where slackers go to retire.” I think we also have the largest population of millennials who after high school or college moved into the extra room in their parents basement to play video game and only come out when it is time to eat. Perhaps I should include those who moved back into their old bedrooms or have taken up residents on their parent’s couch. For slackers and millennial basement dwellers being ordered by the governor of the state to stay home and do nothing must be a dream come true. Nobody telling them to go out and find a job as the unemployment numbers are skyrocketing. Nobody telling them they should do something with their lives. They are now heroes of staying home and saving lives. They have been training their whole lives for this moment and now they are standing, in a horizontal position, strong with other slackers and millennial basement dwellers and doing nothing. I am sure someday, when this lock down has past, this group will write songs, if they ever get that ambitious, about this golden times. Time where society praised them for their ability to follow lock down and stay home and do nothing.