Bay Ocean

Oregon has many abandon or destroyed community and Bayocean is on of those. I remember the first I drove down the road to do a loop route around Cape Meares (that road is closed now) and came across the sign for Bayocean. I stared out at wild overgrown peninsula and tried to imagine a town of 2000 people and how it could all be washed into the sea. This lead me to a need to return and explore this area and to do research on Bayocean.

This is a place for dreamers to come visit or “Possibility Thinker” as the folks were called back in the day when Bayocean was built. You have to use a lot of imagination to think the “Atlantic City of West” once existed here. And also how Bayocean became “the city that fell into the sea.” Today there are only a few post in the sand, placed by enthuses, that show where the town was. A bonus for visitors today is a wonderful long sandy beach to walk on. If you do a google search you will turn up a dozen good websites where you can learn the story of Bayocean and some lessons that can be learned. They will do a better job of explaining what happened then I can. I have put a couple of links to YouTube video that were professionally done.

Grant’s Getaways

Oregon Public Broadcasting

Some photos I took of the place.