Alberta St.

Alberta Street is the last old city neighborhood to remake itself. It has come a long way but as of yet has not been totally gentrified. You can still find home grown businesses lining the 20 blocks that they are now calling the Alberta Art District. It has an eclectic mix of unique retail shops, eateries, proprietors of various libations, residences, businesses and you may even find few gallery still open. There are still a few properties that a boarded up and some new multi function buildings. A number of builds now how mural painted on them. And as with our old Portland neighborhood there is a story behind it all.

I normally start at NE 10th and walk up to NE 31st and back. You can take bus 72 back if you don’t want to walk both sides of the street. But really you can start any where on the route and just wander and enjoy. On weekends I have often found the streets filled with locals just out for a stroll along Alberta St.