Why This Site

Short Answer

After living in Portland for 28 years and Oregon for 60 years and having led over 400 urban hikes and street ramble for a local mountaineering club, I think I have a good idea what the area is about. And after seeing how other folks were showing Portland and the area around it, to possible visitors I did not think they were doing a very good job. So I thought I would show my version of Portland that I hope will be useful.

Long Answer

The question – A couple of years ago I was recruited by a local tour company to become one of their guides. As part of that I did a ride along with one of their best guides on a tour of Portland he was giving. So the guide could not tell the difference between a Monkey Puzzle tree and a Redwood tree (both given out at the 1907 Lewis and Clarke Exposition and planet all over town) but he could maneuver a big van through downtown Portland traffic and you have respect someone who can do that. For several reason I did not take the job. But toward the end of this 4 hr. tour one German guest approached me with a question. He said he had heard many stories about Portland and wanted to know what was the real story about Portland? I had no answer for him as I just live here and Portland is Portland. There is nothing weird about it. Portland is just home. But this question has stayed with me and has led me to understand that Portland is not just my home but its influence has reach far beyond our city limits. Far enough to have someone from Germany travel here to find the real story of Portland. Is it Portland or is it Portlandia. If you have heard of Portland or Portlandia and are coming to Portland to find out the real story about the place I hope I might have some answers for you now. I hope you may find them by visiting places on this website. Not just the tourist places that can be fun but the special places. I could have lived anywhere but Portland is a special place and it has held me here.

My approach

My college training was as a photo journalist. Although later I switch to commercial photography and advertising. For putting together this website I have dusted off my old photo journalist skills and went back to many old haunts and some new to capture Portland. Also, to try to find what is left of the ordinal Portlandia of which most has vanished now. I try to give you a visual preview of places in Portland and let you can decide what to see on your visit. Not just a top ten list but an array to choose from.