Up and Going

I moved the site from a working sub-domain to its own domain today. This should be the sites permanent home. I still have a lot build out and adding content to do but I thought I had enough done that the site would be useful.

I had a number of domain names I considered that would be more search friendly but I did not think they reflected what I wanted to do with the site. The city has a site that is set up for visitors who are just tourist. I want to develop this site for visitors who are looking for the story behind Portland. What makes the place livable. What makes the place weird. What makes it a city that works (well most of the time). So I thought PortlandOrPortlandia.com better fit that idea.

Vancouver Walk Exploration

This past Sunday we had some great weather so I thought it would be a good time to do some exploring. I was trying to find the best and most interesting walk to tie in with visiting Fort Vancouver. I also had a few more photos of Fort Vancouver I need and a lot more video. I GPS tracked the whole route. The route I did ended being 8.5 miles. To long for a someone just visiting but I figured some of the route did not off that much bang for the effort and I think I have my recommend end route just about right.

The surprise on my walks was getting into the new waterfront development the city of Vancouver is doing. It is not open yet but someone left the gate open so I did a little sneak preview. This is going to be a game changer and I think in the future a must see for anyone coming to Vancouver. It will tie in nicely with walking from Fort Vancouver and seeing other parts of downtown Vancouver. I need to go back and get a GPS track of the modified route and make a map up to add to my visit Portland website.